Marina Afanasieva   Dear colleagues – homeopathic physicians  and  pharmacists,  doctors  of  all  specialties,  medical students, all whose calling and purpose is to help people become healthy and live healthy!

It  is  a  great  honour  and   pleasure  for  me   to  invite  you  to  the  fascinating   congress
The World in Homeopathic Perspective

Congress topics are a scientific forecast. They reflect how people, society and nature on Earth will change along with the exact and increasingly widespread (to ubiquitous!) use of medicines, the effect of which is ensured by the Law of Similarity, discovered by Samuel Hahnemann 230 years ago.

It is not difficult to formulate the forecast, because the Law of Similarity, like any other law of nature, is unchanging and objective, i.e. works independently of human will and consciousness and applies to all living beings and things without exception!

The energy of love drives all nature and gives life to everything. Each of its laws is aimed at maintaining universal balance.

No one is afraid of flying away into outer space during a walk: The Law of Universal Gravity guarantees safety. We are confident in the timely onset of night and morning, that Earth will not slow down and speed up its rotation and will not leave its orbit … although our limited mind is not able to comprehend the mysterious force that drives the Universe.

But everyone knows that there were times when the assertion that Earth was spinning was considered heresy, for which people were burned on the fire. Humanity had been sincerely mistaken for 14 centuries from Ptolemy to Copernicus. And then, for several centuries that misleading was supported by the Inquisition in power condemning Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilei. The official rehabilitation of Galileo Galilei, to whom the famous “Eppur si muove!” (“Albeit it does move!”) are attributed, happened only on October 1992, just 28 years ago!

Does this remind you of anything?

But we are able to observe and think objectively before making decisions. We understand that if the decision complies with the law of nature, then the life of people and the development of society will be balanced and positive. But if it does not comply with, the dynamics will be destructive and will lead to inevitable degradation.

To decide to use the law of nature – the Law of Similarity – in medicine, means to save humanity from degradation at all levels.

Let through this congress attention be drawn to the Homeopathy of doctors, pharmacists, and everyone with an open mind and heart, loving people.

Let the world famous and ordinary homeopaths, researchers and scientists who will tell here about the results of their researches and share their experiences be heard.

It is time for a constructive dialogue between Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine, and let this congress will lay the foundation for a scientifically sound start.

Congress materials will become the basis of the book “The World in Homeopathic Perspective.” By participating in the congress, each of you contributes to the implementation of the project for its publication.

Latvia has deep and strong roots of homeopathy – from the late 20s of the XIX century.

The first homeopathic pharmacy has been operating in Riga continuously since 1833 to this day. And I am proud that this is the 2nd International Homeopathic Congress to be held in this country during the past 10 years.

Our congress is timed to World Homeopathy Day. This event takes place under the auspices of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis. On the night of April 10, there will be a Gala dinner with a Concert of musicians better known to you as homeopathic doctors.

Vernal Riga and the atmosphere of the holiday of homeopathic science and love are waiting for you!


Congress president,
The Baltic Homeopathic Union, president

Introduction to the Congress

   As one stands at the seashore and stares out towards the horizon, one is struck by the   incredible flatness of the Earth. In that moment, and from that particular perspective, it   would be perfectly possible to convince oneself that the world is fundamentally flat.

But as one gains elevation, from a mountain top, or from the air, one observes an ever-   increasing curve emerging where the convincingly straight horizon used to be.

From the perspective of space, one observes that, indeed, the Earth is a sphere, and that   the flatness of the horizon is an illusion created by physical geometry and the limitations of our perspective.

Having benefited from the wisdom of the broader perspective, one is able to return to the seashore and revisit that horizon: it is no less flat than it was before. But we are wiser. We understand that it is an illusion, and we understand why the Earth appears to be flat. We understand the ‘truth’ of the flatness of the Earth within a broader reality, a reality that enriches and provides context and meaning.

So too, with the experience of the homeopathic perspective. When we view reality from the perspective of homoeopathy, we do not change the ‘truth’ of physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology and the practice of clinical medicine, but we understand the position of these great scientific disciplines within a broader reality: a reality in which we are able to incorporate will and intention into physiology, metaphor into pathology, and individuality into pharmacology.

The homeopathic perspective is a holistic view, an intrinsic and inescapable integration of science and art, an appreciation of the subtle, and a respect for the inheritance, life and journey of the patient. The homeopathic perspective joins the dots and creates meaning, and encourages the practitioner to embark on their own internal journey of discovery.

Join us, as we reflect on the contribution of the homeopathic perspective to our understanding of health and disease, the practice of clinical medicine and our journeys and growth as practitioners of the noble art of medicine!


Head of Scientific Committee
Representative for Homoeopathy (Professional Board for Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and
Phytotherapy, Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA))
Ministerial Representative for Higher Education Insititutions (Forum of Statutory Health
Professional Councils of South Africa (FSHPCSA))
Secretary for Research (LMHI)
Head of Department: Homoeopathy, DUT (2000 -2014)
Deputy Dean/Acting Executive Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences, DUT (2015 – 2019)
Council Representative for Homoeopathy (AHPCSA) (2006 – 2016)
Chair: South African Committee of Health Sciences Deans (2017 – 2019)
Secretary for Provings (LMHI) (2015 – 2019)