Invited Speakers

Already during my studies in Graz I started my training as a psychotherapist and being interested in psychosomatic medicine, I was looking for a suitable complementary medicine. I got to know homoeopathy and began with the education, first with Prof. Dorcsi and his team, later on with Martin Stübler, Günter Mattitsch and others.

I have been practicing homoeopathy for about 33 years, first in my home country, in Klagenfurt, since 1995 in Linz. For a period of 10 years I was head of an out patient clinic for gynecology and obstetrics – with this experience I started with the training of midwifes in homoeopathy.

Since the 1990s I have been member of the teaching staff and since 2014 part of the board of the ÖGHM responsible for the education of doctors, pharmacists and midwifes.

Since 2021 I am president of the ÖGHM board.
2010 I received the science award “Dr. Peithner Preis” for research in homoeopathy for my work: Calcium muriaticum in otolaryngology. For the Documenta homoeopathica I published several articles and I have held presentations at Liga congresses, at the ECH congress in Vienna 2016 and the congress of DZVhÄ in 2021. Invited by Dr.Marina Afanasieva I had the pleasure to hold a seminar at the Riga Stradins (Medical) University in October 2017 on the topic: Homoeopathic treatment of infecundity.

Dr. Heike Gypser gained a doctorate on the history and development of high potencies by machines in homeopathy at the University of Marburg (Germany) after the study of pharmacy Her field of research is the history of homeopathic pharmaceutics. She lectures regularly at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Marburg and delivered lectures at various congresses and at different homeopathic institutions in India.

In 2016 she became Secretary for Pharmacy of LMHI.

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Dr. Jaume Costa is a medical doctor, master of public health and homeopath. He is a member of the Clinical Department of the Barcelona Medical-Homeopathic Academy and of the Irish Homeopathic Group of the Faculty of Homeopathy. He is a Board member of the European Public Health Alliance and the former General Secretary of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH). He was a member of the ECH Politics Subcommittee, supervisor at the Faculty of Homeopathy and volunteer at the Bhaktapur Homeopathic Clinic in Nepal.

Jaume practised in two homeopathic charity clinics in Ireland and now he is in private practice. Previously he was Principal Administrator of the Directorate General Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission; Research Manager at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions; Temporary Adviser at the World
Health Organization Regional Office for Europe; Co-ordinator of the Barcelona Healthy Cities Project and Director of the Barcelona Occupational Health Centre.

Author of many publications, Co-author of COST B4 report on Complementary Medicine in the EU (1999). Major inputs were about surveys on homeopathic practice in Belgium and Europe. He is an expert in clinical verification of homeopathic symptoms. He is the Founder and Collaborator of the yearly updated LMHI booklet about “Scientific Framework of Homeopathy”.

He also published several books including “First Line Medicine – Clinical Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms; Jain Publisher 2008 (ISBN 978-2-87491-003-6). Even if officially retired, he still practice homeopathy in Brussels and coordinate the Belgian research project DYNHOM about the homeopathic dynamisation process. During years he built up a very large network of researchers including many professors at universities making possible access to the latest technologies.

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Dr. Klaus-Henning Gypser MD started his pure homoeopathic private clinic being located at Glees, Germany, in 1986. He published more than 200 articles in homoeopathic journals worldwide, collected and edited the lesser writings of three influential homoeopaths of the past, namely C. von Boenninghausen (1785-1864), C. Hering (1800-1880) and J.T. Kent (1849-1916), and wrote several books, forewords and introductions. Dr. Gypser was editor in chief of “Zeitschrift fuer Klassische Homoeopathie” and of “Homoeopathic Quarterly”.

He lectured on homoeopathy at the Faculties of Medicine at the Universities of Bonn and Giessen and taught homoeopathy for post-graduates at home and in different countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, South Africa and Switzerland.

He held several positions in homoeopathic organisations and he is member of the LMHI, Visiting Professor at Shri Kamaxidevi Homoeopathic Medical College, Shiroda, Goa, India, and Visiting Professor at Homoeopathy University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, as well as Invited Foreign Professor at Escuela Médica Homeopática Argentina, Buenos Aires.

He founded the “Glees Academy of Homoeopathic Physicians” for the teaching of pure homoeopathy. Furthermore he established the project of the “revision of the materia medica”. With a group of co-operating colleagues at present 66 volumes were published under his editorship.

Dr Steven Kayne PhD, MBA, LLM, MSc, FRPharmS, FFHom has practised Homeopathic Pharmacy in Glasgow Scotland, treating patients in the Community and in Hospital for almost 50 years. He was formerly Honorary Consultant Pharmacist at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital where he collaborated with a medical colleague in running an Allergy Clinic and in carrying out research. Dr Kayne has also had a long-standing interest in Veterinary Homeopathy.

He is well known as an invited speaker at Homeopathic Conferences around the World, including three LIGAs, and has presented and taught CAM at undergraduate and postgraduate level in many different countries. He has published widely in International journals and served on several Editorial Advisory Boards. His books have been translated into Russian, Japanese and Portuguese.

Dr Kayne has been an Advisor to the WHO and to Governments in the UK and overseas. In 2016 he was presented with a special certificate by the European Committee for Homeopathy to recognise his outstanding contribution to European Homeopathy.

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Josef M. Schmidt is Professor of History of Medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich/Germany, Doctor of Medicine, and Doctor of Philosophy. After his medical specialization in Family Medicine and Homeopathy, he has worked as a Research Associate at the Department of the History of Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco, where, in 1992, he has edited the first textual critical edition of Hahnemann’s manuscript of the sixth edition of the Organon of the Art of Healing.

In 2005, he was conferred the qualification as a professor (venia legendi, habilitation) at the University of Munich. Since more than 30 years, he has published numerous articles and seminal works on the history and theory of homeopathy and has been lecturing to university students as well as to the medical profession in his annual summer schools or at international congresses.

Dr. Carl Rudolf Klinkenberg, MD, born 1961, is a specialist in general medicine and has practiced homeopathy since 1986; in private practice since 1993. He has published a large number of articles and book contributions, e.g. in “Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie”, “Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung”, “Homeopathic Links” and other national and international medical journals. His topics: Severe disease cases, cancer treatment, ADHD, mental illnesses, casuistics (cured cases), case analysis according to Boger and Boenninghausen, basics of homeopathy and others.

Collaboration in a number of scientific projects, including the revision of C. v. Bönninghausen’s Therapeutisches Taschenbuch, rubric analyses, preparation of a master’s program in homeopathy at the University of Magdeburg. Participation in scientific consensus conferences. First prize winner of the Emil Schlegel Prize 1999 for the work “Guidelines for homeopathic cancer treatment”. Extensive international lecture and seminar activity as key speaker. Dr. Klinkenberg was founder and president of the International Hahnemann Congress 2007 in Ettlingen and president of the International Cöthener Experience Exchange 2009 in Köthen. Dr. Klinkenberg has a large national and international network and maintains contacts with colleagues worldwide.

Dr Kavita Сhandak is a gold medalist scholar in Homeopathy. She is practising since 2 decades in Nagpur.
She is trained with Dr. Michael Frass in dealing the cancer cases with Homeopathy.
She is attached with P.D. Jain Homeopathic medical college as professor of Repertory and a Guide for P.G. students from Nashik Health University. She is an International faculty, invited by 20+ countries to deliver seminars.
Honoured by holding golden book world record for treating kidney disorder. S
he is an advisory board member at Turkiyeklinikleri Journal of Istanbul. She is running a NGO, Padmaja welfare foundation, which is dedicated in the field of Health and rehabilitation.
She is an Excellent speaker and a social activist: received many national-international awards for her generous socio Medical contribution towards society.
Won the Insc research award for her paper on Autism. Authored 3 medical books about gynaecology and psychiatry.
Organised 800 free medicine distribution camps till now. To spread awareness, she writes health articles, delivers sessions on TV and Radio about Health.
She is the board member at Afghanistan Homeopathic association. She is providing her services through her web clinic in 20+ countries.
Her speciality area is Behavioural Psychiatric disorders like Autism and ADHD.
She has been invited to various Homeopathic colleges and conferences to talk about homeopathic contribution in Psychiatric disorders and Autism.
She was keynote speaker at Autism conference in 2017 held at Abudhabi, in 2019 at Dubai conference.
She delivered her 3 days school about Autism at Istanbul in March 2018; May 2019 and at Izmir in December 2018.
She has been invited twice at Abudhabi in 2019 to give expert opinion at Al-Zaharat Autism center.
She presented a lecture regarding Neuropsychiatric disorders and Autism at Venice in 2019.
Clinical Instructor at Cyberjaya University, Malyasia.
Visiting expert at Al Zaharat Autism Center, Abudhabi.


Contact Address
177/189, Civil Lines, Agra-282002 (INDIA).
Telephones: (0562) 4037318, 4037325


  • Krebs Heilber Durch Homoopathie, Book on Cancer treatment published in German language, Kai Kroeger Verlag, Germany
  • Homoeopathy for Acutes and Emergencies, Narayana Verlag, Germany – International Bestseller

Positions held and Awards:

  • World President – International Homoeopathic Medical League -LMHI (2016-2019)
  • Chairman – Advisory committee for development of AYUSH streams, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh (2004-2007 & 2012-2017)
  • YASH BHARTI AWARD by Government of Uttar Pradesh
  • Koraskoff medal by Russian Association of Homeopaths
  • Hahnemann Award by Clinica Santa Croce, Switzerland
  • Member – Scientific Advisory Committee, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy(CCRH), Govt. of India
  • Member – Editorial Board: Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy
  • Member – Faculty of Homoeopathy, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra
  • Chairman, Scientific Committee – World Homoeopathic Congress of LMHI – 2011

Clinical Activities:

Dr. Alok Pareek has been in active Homoeopathic Practice since 1981. Has an outdoor Homoeopathic Clinic which caters to about 200 patients every day. Besides, also has an indoor Hospital with 50 beds, where chronic patients are provided indoor facilities and preoperative and post operative treatment is given in Homoeopathy.


Dr. Alok Pareek is a teacher of International acclaim and has been giving seminars in more than 13 countries across Europe and Asia (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Ukraine, Russia etc.). His seminars are attended by more than 700 overseas doctors each year.

Dr. Aditya Pareek
BHMS – Gold Medalist
MD (Hom.) Medicine

President – Indian Society of Homeopathy
Associate Professor – Faulty of Integrated Medicine, DEI University, Agra
AUTHOR – Clinical Miasmatic Prescribing – book published by B.Jain publishers.
Lecturer for GVS in Munich, Germany since 2017
Editorial Board – The Homeopathic Physician Journal
International Working Group Member – LMHI, Germany
Consultant Physician at Pareek Homoeopathic Centre, Agra since 2013

  • Speaker at World Congress of LMHI 2015 in Paris for his original research work on Chronic Kidney Failure.
  • Speaker at World Congress of FHA and LMHI in Buenos Aires, Argentina for his original research work on Homeopathic management of patients on Hemodialysis, 2016
  • Speaker at University Hospital for Natural Medicine, Munich, Germany on Cardiology, 2017
  • Speaker in Germany, France, Switzerland, Argentina and RussiaHospital of Mnic


  • Jugal Kishore Memorial Award 2016 by HED Society for Clinical Excellence.
  • Dr B K Bose Memorial award by Indian Homeopathic Organisation, 2018
  • Malati Allen Award – 2013 by West Bengal Homeopathic Association for Academic Excellence.
  • Award by IIHP Delhi Unit for Academic excellence 2012
  • Award by Delhi Homoeopathic Board for academic excellence 2012.

Prof. Zhanna Svirina (Russia)
Dr. Gustavo Alberto Cataldi (Argentina)
Prof. Dr. Ashley Ross (South Africa)
Dr. Léon Scheepers (Belgium)
Dr. Raúl Gustavo Pirra (Argentina)
Dr. Frederik Schroyens (Belgium)
Dr. Walter Glück (Austria)
Dr. Claudio Carvalho Araujo (Brasil)

and others